AWANA KANCHA SAC, is a legal entity with business, embodied in a business project that disseminates, promotes, recovers, revalues and enforces the ancestral techniques of weaving, dyeing, handling and fiber production of South American camelids, working together with families of weaving craftsmen from high Andean native communities, providing for this purpose a unique space in a restored archaeological environment and suitable for the promotion, dissemination and offer of textile products and derivatives.


PLEASE READ THESE USE POLICIES CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SERVICE. By using the site, you accept these usage policies. If you do not accept these terms, do not use the site. AWANA KANCHA reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or delete portions of these terms at any time, the subscriber must review periodically if these terms have changed.



The prices published on this site are expressed in Peruvian currency Soles so As they also include the VAT (sales tax), all orders are subject to availability. In case of payments in another currency, the commercial exchange rate of the day of payment, published by the SBS and the BCR, will be taken into account in its institutional portals. The freight and shipping costs are subject to the place of delivery and are advertised together with the product at



This document contains and describes the general terms and conditions, basic privacy and commerce policies, applicable to the access and use of the services offered by AWANA KANCHA SAC, within the site., its subdomains and / or other related domains. Any person wishing to access and / or subscribe and / or use the site may do so subject to the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Trade Policies, regulated in this document which they declare to know in full, along with all other policies and principles that govern the commercial and civil legislation of the matter, which are incorporated into the present directly or by reference or that are explained and / or detailed in other sections of the Site.


Consequently, all visits and all contracts and transactions made on this site, as well as their legal effects, will be governed by these rules and subject to the applicable legislation in Peru, except for international agreements in force recognized by Peruvian laws with the country of the country. final user, with the commercial and civil Peruvian primacy, the content of this instrument will be applied and shall be understood as an integral part of all acts and contracts executed or concluded through the supply and marketing systems between the users of this site and AWANA KANCHA SAC.


The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policies of AWANA KANCHA SAC, prior to its registration as User and / or Client of AWANA KANCHA; and / or to the acquisition of products; and / or delivery of any data, being subject to the indicated and provided in the Terms and Conditions.


When you visit the site, you should know that you are contacting a private legal entity in a manner electronics. In that sense, you give your consent to receive communications from AWANA KANCHA by email or by posting notices on its website.



In accordance with the civil and commercial legislation that regulates the activities of Peru, services are only available to those persons who have the legitimacy and legal capacity to act and contract validly and recognized as such, as well as being extensively natural subjects able to contract in the regions of their country of origin. You are prohibited from accessing and using the services of this site; the relative or absolute incapacities according to the Peruvian substantive norm, as minors, disabled, etc. in the case of such navigation, notwithstanding the prohibition, the acts that the minors and the relative incapable perform in this site will be the responsibility of their parents, tutors, curators, administrators and / or managers, and therefore will be considered carried out by them in the exercise of the legal representation they have.



The procedures are indicated in the "sitemap" of the web page, however, the following recommendations should be taken into account:



By using Awana Kancha platform model ecommerce business integrated type, it makes use of tools that uses temporary files created in each navigation device called cookies to store information for different purposes, such as to know the buying preferences of the user and / or customer and storage of the products you want to purchase in the Purchase Order.

Basically the navigation process is the usual for ecommerce business platform type: the customer selects the products in his shopping cart, then proceeds to checkout, where he completes, validates and confirms his data (in the form, it is confirmed, the exact address where the product will be sent to the customer), proceeds to confirm the purchase, to finally make the payment, confirmed the payment the product is sent and the customer's purchase ends.

In the purchasing processes offered through the platform of AWANA KANCHA, it is informed, through light and comprehensible dialogues, in an unambiguous and easily accessible way, the steps that must be followed to carry them out, and will inform, when appropriate. The mere fact of following the steps indicated for this purpose in this site to make a purchase is equivalent to accepting that you have effectively complied with the conditions contained in this section. It will also indicate your postal or electronic mail address and the technical means available to the user and / or customer to identify and correct errors in the shipment or in their data.



The products and services offered on the site, can only be paid with the use of credit / debit cards or Direct Deposit in Bank, transaction will be subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions that you maintain with your issuing financial institution, in case of other means of payment, the user will be informed through friendly contracting and payment procedures.

In case of controversy related to accepted bank cards, the aspects related to these, such as the date of issue, expiration, quota, blockages, commission charges, purchase interest in installments, etc., will be governed by their respective Opening Contract and Regulation of Use of its banking entities, in such a way that AWANA KANCHA will not have responsibility for any of the mentioned aspects.

When using a credit or debit card, the cardholder's name must match the name used when registering on the site Once the items of your preference have been added to the Purchase Order, the client must validate their data so that they can make the payment.


Direct payment in Bank

Before closing your purchase and having entered your personal and shipping information, the customer will select the bank and the Platform will provide the total amount to be paid, the name of the collection account, the operation code, name and / or ID number and the payment terms to which the transaction is subject. Within the latter will appear, if necessary, the period of time after which the user can just carry out the deposit. In this case, the Purchase Order will remain pending payment until the account is validated-and after the waiting time has elapsed, the client can make the payment in the bank, agent or Internet banking of the selected entity. To do this, you must provide the name of the account, the operation code and make the deposit for the exact amount stated in your Purchase Order. For its part, the bank will issue a voucher (proof of payment) physical or electronic, which endorses the transaction and should be retained, as it is an essential document in case of future discrepancies and must necessarily be sent to the email Once validated, the product dispatch continues.

Under this payment method, the client will have a maximum period of 12 hours to make the corresponding cancellation. Upon expiration of that period and if the cancellation of the amount has not been carried out, the purchase order will be canceled and the selected products will be released from the reservation generated by the order exempting AWANA KANCHA from liability.

Payment by Credit / Debit Card

 The products offered on this platform are sold securely. To provide this guarantee to the client, AWANA KANCHA has agreements with external providers of online payment services, with extensive experience and presence in high growth markets.

The data provided by the client will be shared with the provider for exclusive purposes of providing the service, which include the processing of payments and the validation of transactions through an anti-fraud system, in order to minimize the risk of identity theft. the cardholders.

When making the payment through this modality, the client authorizes the confidential treatment of the information by the provider. The personal data of the credit card and the purchase travel encrypted in the network, thus being protected.

The Company, on the other hand, is not responsible for the possible commissions that credit card operators may apply.

The credit / debit cards through which payment can be made are, VISA; MASTERCARD; AMEX, before closing your purchase and having entered your personal and shipping information, the customer will enter the data of your credit card, in which the total amount provided by the Platform will be charged.

The confirmation of the Purchase Order will be carried out once the administrative body of AWANA KANCHA, verifies that the payment was actually made. To do this, AWANA KANCHA has a virtual account, provided by the payment system provider, through which you can consult in real time, the status of transactions made by the customer.

With the confirmation ready, it proceeds to start the dispatch process, from which the term associated with the delivery mode begins to run.

In case of any problem with the payment made, in any form of payment, the customer may contact the company



The products purchased through the website will be subject to the conditions of dispatch and delivery chosen by the customer and available on the site With respect to this, there is a program subject to the shipping places and / or destinations, which will affect the time of arrival of the products. The delivery system will be used through the company DHL EXPRESS outside the country and through OLVA COURIER for shipments within the national territory The information of the place of delivery is the sole responsibility of the customer, so it must be diligent, at the time of providing the location data, to make a correct and timely delivery of the products to the address or shipping address indicated by the customer. If there is an error in the address, the product may not arrive on the date indicated. The terms chosen for the delivery and delivery, are counted from AWANA KANCHA validates and consolidates the purchase order and the means of payment used, considering business days for compliance with that period.

AWANA KANCHA will keep customers informed about the status of their order, by means of a virtual tracking code provided to the customer or through their voice and chat service platforms. The customer will not be able to request the change of address once they receive the email and / or AWANA KANCHA confirmation message.

AWANA KANCHA will contract the services of third parties for him to send the purchased product, to be delivered in the place, mode and conditions requested by the client, obliging itself in case of absence at the destination, making a new attempt to visit the address indicated by the client, the impossibility of delivery, the order will be returned to AWANA KANCHA and the purchase will be canceled (the debit note will deduct the shipping and return costs). Subsequently the client will receive an email and / or message about the cancellation of the order. The customer must generate a new purchase order making use of the debit note generated, taking into account the possible change in the price of the product and its availability, in which case it must choose another product.

In order to facilitate the tracking of orders placed by customers on the page, AWANA KANCHA can send in addition to the email, information via text messages (SMS and / or MMS) or via WhatsApp about the delivery and status of the orders placed on the Site. Customers can not submit questions about their orders or interact via text messages (SMS and / or MMS) or via WhatsApp. In case you do not wish to receive such confirmations through the aforementioned channel, the client must communicate via e-mail or block the number of the sender of the message. AWANA KANCHA has coverage of oces at the level of Lima and Provinces, however, there are rural or dicult to access destinations where you can not make shipments and this will be identified by the customer at the time of making your purchase.

In case the customer's home location can not be addressed because it is in a street or area of dicult access, AWANA KANCHA or the courier service provider will contact the customer to manage a change of address and be able to deliver the purchased product. The customer at the time of receiving a product, must validate that the box or Order that contains the product, is sealed and has no signs of prior opening; In case you detect this, you should not receive the product and you should immediately contact AWANA KANCHA. In case the product is received in good condition and complete, the client will sign the corresponding reference guide or document of conformity, thus leaving the delivery conformity. After acceptance of the product and documentary signature, the client can not submit a claim for product damage or missing it, only claims for warranty issues or any described within the policies indicated in this document in the times established in these Terms and Conditions.

The sale and dispatch of the products is conditioned to their availability, and to the product stocks. When the product is not available and / or has had a typographical error, AWANA KANCHA will immediately notify the customer.

The period of validity of the offer is that which coincides with the effective date indicated in the promotion or by virtue of the exhaustion of the quantities of products available for that promotion duly informed to the user and / or client, or while the offer remains available. , the lesser of these terms, in cases of non-consented incorrect price due to typographical error, if the correct price of the item is higher than that shown on the page, at our discretion, AWANA KANCHA SAC. will contact you before the product is shipped, and / or we will cancel the order and notify you about the cancellation. In this case, the client may have a credit balance -Nota de Credito- for future purchases at AWANA KANCHA.

The promotions that are offered on the site, are not necessarily the same as those offered by other linked sales channels, of which AWANA KANCHA is not responsible.

When discount coupons are offered, it will be indicated in the advertising, the value of the coupon, the minimum or maximum purchase amount to be able to redeem the voucher and the valid dates for its redemption.



AWANA KANCHA does not accept returns of garments, but if changes with similar ones, as long as they meet the requirements specified in exchange reasons. No refund of money will be made in favor of the user and / or client.


If the customer is not satisfied with the purchase made through the digital store, you can make a request via platform or email, specifying the reason for your change, within a period not exceeding 07 working days after receiving the garment. AWANA KANCHA will decide to accept the change request or not, as long as it meets the change requirements (Reasons for change).

But if you can make a change of garment for one that meets the same characteristics and has the same economic value.

Reasons for return and / or changes (Reasons for change):

  1. Problems generated with respect to product quality (Generated by AWANA KANCHA). Refers exclusively to the garment before making the delivery: damaged garments, problems in the seams, detachment of textile fibers.
  2. Problems generated in the shipping process (Generated by external reasons, possibly by the companies in charge of transporting it).

Return process:

  1. Send an email to Explaining the reasons for the return or exchange of the garment. Within a period not exceeding 07 business days after receiving the garment.
  2. Explain the reasons why you want to change the garment. As long as they match the "specified change reasons". Attach the following documents:

* Payment receipt number

* Date of purchase in the virtual store

* Article specifications for the product you want in place

  1. Confirm acceptance of the request for change by AWANA KANCHA.
  2. Coordinate with the virtual store manager the date of the new delivery of the product.


Restrictions and conditions of change of pledge: AWANA KANCHA requests the following conditions to effect the return of the garment:

* That the garment is in optimal condition.

* That the garment has not been used.

* That the pledge does not present any type of damage, aroused after the reception thereof.



AWANA KANCHA guarantees that its garments are of the material and quality offered on its website, the products by their nature of being textiles, the guarantee will apply if the product has manufacturing defects in seams, closures, natural discoloration (without exposure to detergents). In addition, the guarantee can not be applied if the care or washing instructions printed on the label and / or product information on the website have not been followed.



According to the Regulation of Payment Vouchers approved by Superintendency Resolution No. 007-99 / SUNAT (RCP) and the Sole Order Text of the Law on General Sales Tax and Selective Consumption Tax, approved by Supreme Decree No. 055 -99-EF and amending regulations (TUO of the VAT), it is the obligation of the consumer to correctly decide the document that he will request as proof at the time of purchase, since issued the voucher will not proceed any change.



AWANA KANCHA does not reimburse payments made, however it offers its clients a Credit Notes system as an option to refund the amount paid, it consists of the possibility of receiving a voucher or virtual voucher, to make purchases in our online store. The amount of this voucher or virtual voucher is equal to the price of the product plus the shipping cost. Being its validity period of 01 (one) year from the date of delivery thereof, the voucher or voucher is not cumulative with other coupons or commercial campaigns.

The credit note applies to the price of the product plus the cost of shipping; It must be taken into account that only the amount paid by the customer and the commercial conditions with which said product was purchased will be respected.



The Customer must register their personal data in order to execute their purchase. The personal information that must be included in the registry includes their names and surnames, National Identity Document (DNI) / Alien Registration Card (CE) / Unique Taxpayer Registry (RUC), gender, date of birth, telephone, address, district, province and department. These fields may vary depending on the country where the Client resides.


Likewise and depending on the selected payment method, data such as credit card number, expiration date and verification code may be collected. The capture of the data by the platform of AWANA KANCHA SAC, will serve as sustenance to validate the purchase, bases of communication between the portal and the client, to send information about services, campaigns, offers. etc. The data provided by the client can be shared with the provider for exclusive purposes of providing the service, which include the processing of payments and the validation of transactions through an anti-fraud system, in order to minimize the risk of identity theft of the cardholders, as well as for the services of sending and / or returning the product.

When making a payment under the modality of Payment with Credit Card, the client authorizes the confidential treatment of the information. Personal data, credit card and purchase, information that travels encrypted in the network, thus being protected. The client expressly consents to AWANA KANCHA, so that they are used for the purposes described in this policy. This information can be edited in order to correctly process future purchase orders, if you wish, you can stop receiving emails with marketing content, for this, you should contact communicating this decision.

AWANA KANCHA governs its treatment of low data principles established in the law of protection of personal data: Principle of purpose; Principle of freedom; Principle of truth or quality; Principle of transparency; Principle of access and restricted circulation; Principle of security; Principle of confidentiality, to which their actions and procedures are subject. Our Privacy Policy is based on legal principles generally accepted by national and international standards, as a matter of trust and privacy, so it is important for AWANA KANCHA, to use only your name and the information referring to you under the terms set forth in our Privacy Policy. Privacy.

We will only keep your information for as long as it is required by law or due to the relevance of the purposes for which it was collected. You can visit the site and browse without having to provide personal information, during your visit to the site, you will remain anonymous and we will not be able to identify you at any time, unless you have an account on the site and log in with your username and password.

AWANA KANCHA may transfer and / or transmit the personal data subject to treatment to companies that are part of its corporate group, that is, to parent companies, subsidiaries or subsidiaries. We may also provide your information to our agents and subcontractors to assist us with any of the functions mentioned in our Privacy Policy. Use third parties to help us with the delivery of product promotion, collect your payments, send products or outsource our customer service systems. We can exchange information with third parties to protect against fraud and reduce credit risk.

We may transfer our databases containing your personal information if we sell our business or part of it. Regardless of what is established in this Privacy Policy, we will not be able to sell or disclose your personal data to third parties without obtaining your prior consent, unless it is necessary for the purposes established in this Privacy Policy or we are obliged to do so by law. The Site may contain third-party advertising and links to other sites or frames of other sites. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such third parties or other sites, nor for any third party to whom your data is transferred in accordance with our Privacy Policy, the same occurs with a legal requirement of administrative entities and judicial.



All content included or made available to the user and / or client on the Site, including texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio files, digital downloads and any other information on the website of AWANA KANCHA and its virtual store , is owned by AWANA KANCHA or has been licensed to it by other companies. The compilation of the content is the exclusive property of AWANA KANCHA and, in this regard, the user and / or client must refrain from extracting and / or reusing parts of the content without the prior and express consent of AWANA KANCHA.

In addition to the content, trademarks, word or figurative, service marks, industrial designs and any other element of intellectual property that is part of the content, are owned by AWANA KANCHA SAC, for such reason, are protected by laws and treaties international copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The improper use and total or partial reproduction of said contents are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by AWANA KANCHA SAC, likewise, they can not be used by Users and / or customers in connection with any product or service that is not provided. by AWANA KANCHA SAC. In the same sense, the Industrial Property may not be used by Users and / or customers in connection with any product and service that is not of those marketed or offered by AWANA KANCHA SAC. or in a way that causes confusion with its customers or that discredits the AWANA KANCHA business group or third parties.



AWANA KANCHA is a company that respects the laws and does not pretend to take advantage of the reputation or the intellectual and artistic work of third parties, appropriating the intellectual property protected by them. Therefore we have tools that seek to ensure that products that are acquired through our page are original and part of the process of revaluation of traditional Andean weaving techniques, as well as those products of the industrial process.

Taking into account the above, if you suspect that a product found on our site infringes intellectual property rights of third parties or infringes rights legally protected or copywrit by you, we thank you notify us at, to download such products immediately from our page, evaluate the fidelity of the rights invoked and their verification and validation in the copyright in the archives of the AWANA KANCHA, and in the case not consented to find any violation of any right by mistake, the commitment to initiate all actions tending to prevent such situations from recurring.

It also states that part of the text used in this document has been compiled from free material advertised on the website of companies or virtual businesses, related to the business of the company, which are freely available.



AWANA KANCHA SAC, will do everything possible within its capabilities so that the transmission of the site is uninterrupted and free of errors. However, given the nature of the Internet, these conditions can not be guaranteed in case of failure not attributable to our platform. In which case it does not apply against AWANA KANCHA breach of obligations; loss of earnings or loss of opportunities; any indirect damage.

This site guarantees not to have links or links that violate or allow an involuntary exposure to pornography, thus guaranteeing users, even children, to pornography, in case hacker may be deliberately mislabeled to use this page to attract young people. or unsuspecting users, you must immediately be notified to

The platform also guarantees the security systems Spyware and Virus, however it is possible that your computer can be compromised by problems not linked to our platform, if your system is not updated with antivirus software, which could expose it to malicious software Trojans, worms , viruses or spies that can potentially damage your computer or spy on your internet activity or control your computers. Our platform guarantees the protection of attack of malicious software.


Tenth Sixth.- TERMS OF LAW

The general terms and conditions and the privacy and virtual commerce policies will be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Peru, without giving effect to any principle of conflicts of law. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared illegal, or presents a void, or for any reason is inapplicable, it must be interpreted within the framework thereof and in any case will not affect the validity and applicability of the rights and obligations emanating from its execution and the rest. To do this, you have your legal submission to the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (APDP) requesting the protection of your rights, your website is . i / or INDECOPI as appropriate by specialty or subject, while the information submitted on this page is regulated and subject to the Law on Personal Data Protection LAW No. 29733, the Regulation of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, the Information Security Directive Administered by the Personal Data Banks published on the MINJUS portal, which corresponds as legislation on INDECOPI regarding the defense of consumer rights, LAW No. 29571 Code of Consumer Protection and Defense and its annexed norms and complementary, as well as supported by the guidelines of the NTP-ISO / IEC 17799: 2007 EDI, NTP-ISO / IEC 27001: 2008 EDI, recognized by Peruvian legislation. Consequently, this agreement will be governed in all its points by the laws in force in the Republic of Peru.

Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be submitted to the competent courts of the city of Cusco-Peru, except those expressly declared by ratified international conventions.



Notwithstanding what is regulated in the twelfth clause of this document, the processing of personal data by AWANA KANCHA, requires the free, prior, express and informed consent of the owner of said data, which is materialized with navigation, purchase or registration as a user.

They are the rights of the user and / or client; Know, update and rectify the Personal Data; Request proof of the authorization granted to AWANA KANCHA; To be informed by AWANA KANCHA upon request, regarding the use that has been given to your Personal Data; Submit inquiries before the person responsible or in charge of the treatment; Access free of charge to personal data that are subject to treatment under the terms of the Law and Regulation of Personal Data Protection, update and modify them, this last is also a duty of the owner of personal data, who must keep your information updated and guarantee, at all times, the veracity of it. AWANA KANCHA will not be held responsible, in any case, for any type of responsibility derived from the inaccuracy of the information.



AWANA KANCHA will adopt the technical, human and administrative measures that are necessary to grant security to the records avoiding their adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access. Said measures will respond to the minimum requirements made by current legislation and periodically their effectiveness will be evaluated. We have in place technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal access or accidental loss, destruction or occurrence of damage to your information. When data is collected through the Site, we collect your personal data on a secure server. We use protection programs on our servers. When we collect information from electronic payment cards, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption systems are used that encrypt it, avoiding fraudulent uses. Although it is not possible to guarantee the achievement of a result, these systems have proven to be effective in the management of reserved information, since they have mechanisms that prevent access to external threats. It is recommended not to send all the details of credit or debit cards without encrypting the electronic communications with us. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in relation to the collection, storage and disclosure of your information. Our security procedures require that we may occasionally request proof of identity before disclosing personal information. Please note that you are solely responsible for protection against unauthorized access to your password and your computer.



The information provided by the users and / or customers, will remain stored for up to five (05) years from the date of the last treatment, to allow us to comply with the legal and / or contractual obligations to your charge, especially in accounting, tax and tax matters. This policy may be modified at any time and unilaterally by AWANA KANCHA, always taking into consideration the protection of personal data of our users and in accordance with the applicable legislation.


Nineteenth.- CONTACT

AWANA KANCHA and its customer service area will be in charge of responding to requests, complaints and queries from the owners of the data and the owners of the information (users and / or clients), who can exercise their rights to know, update, rectify and delete your personal data, or information provided to the database, by using the platform or sending communications to the following address Kilometer 23 Carretera Cusco-Pisaq Taray District, Province of Calca, Department of Cusco or email or landline +51 (084) 203287 cell +51 994 114094.



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