mision y vision awanakancha


It is a self-sustainable cultural center (eco-tourist complex) that: re-evaluates, recovers, promotes, disseminates, researches and values the ancestral techniques of weaving, dyeing, handling and production of South American camelid fibers; in order to help to keep alive the Andean traditions and knowledge as a current expression and important part of our identity; working jointly and responsibly with families of artisan weaving from 11 High - Andean communities of Cusco.


Consolidate us as a tourist destination and cultural center unique in its kind, being an authentic and attractive place that Cusco offers; promoting research, dissemination and development of our proposal, permanently reassessing the different techniques and traditional textile artistic expressions and integrating as many communities and master artisans as possible, in order to safeguard them for posterity; offering our artisan weavers spaces and opportunities to show and transmit their knowledge and customs to Peru and the world, while promoting the improvement of their quality of life.

Get to know Awana Kancha and experience our

Living Museum of the Andes

All your experiences will be part of this wonderful motivation for the care and protection of the South American camelids and the Andean tradition.

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