Interactive Workshops

We develop workshops for groups of tourists and/or agencies that request the service in advance (at least 5 days before). These workshops seek to teach more about our customs and traditions.

Textile bracelets workshop

The tourist can learn how to make a bracelet or bookmark in less than an hour. This workshop is taught by the women weavers of Awana Kancha.

Workshop of making keros glasses in wood

The wooden lathe is derived from the Andean culture in association with the Spanish culture, rescued today to make different instruments such as spoons, bowls, toys, etc. It is known in Quechua as "tiuka".

Each participant will learn how to make these "keros" glasses in wood in only a session, where they will personally be able to work them and also paint them.

This workshop is dictated by Mr. Higidio, one of the last lathe masters, originally from the community of Bombon (Paucartambo).

Pictorial workshop with pigments of natural plants

The workshop will last one hour and will be held at the Awana Kancha facilities.

Materials (natural pigments from dye plants) will be provided.

Taller dictado por un artista plástico de la Escuela de Bellas artes Diego Quispe Titto.

Manufacturing workshop of Ñaupa Machulas

Workshop where the participants will learn how to make these mythical characters in the manner of small dolls made of cold ceramics and traditional fabrics.

Workshop of Quechua T'inkuy

This workshop aims to make participants learn more about the Quechua language, but in a didactic way, engaging in a bilateral dialogue between the weavers of the communities and the visitors. Sharing aspects of living culture such as stories, gastronomy, etc.

Get to know Awana Kancha and experience our

Living Museum of the Andes

All your experiences will be part of this wonderful motivation for the care and protection of the South American camelids and the Andean tradition.

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