Even years of intensive trips are not enough to know Peru. However, for three Cuzqenian brothers it was enough to assess the great richness of Peru. From these experiences we present a synthesis to the world of what was lived and learned, with the idea to create a private company to promote the recovery of traditioanl Andian textiels. The objective is to protect and disseminate our cultural heritage, in this case represented by the original varied and rich textile tradition of Peru, emphasizing the use of ancestral techniques for spinning, dyeing and management of the South American Camalid fibers. Through this intervention, a new space is created, appropriate for an archaeological site in an area of Inca culture for the promotion and dissemination of this heritage named Awanakancha – Textil Palace, with conditions in the anciant manor and style, to fully restore and recover all of the nature of their environment, primarily using mud and stones to clearly allude the symbiotic relationship between the culture and nature of the Andies man. The essence of this dream come true is based on the participation of communities with long family tradions of weaving and preservation of the traditions and techniques that are part of the cultural heritage of our nation. These families are a living source of information in pre Columbian weaving techniques and textile related arts, and are still making their own clothing, intnet on maintaining and recovering generational legacies which they realize are living culture practices that must not become extinct.

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