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Awana Kancha,

About Us

Awana Kancha is a cultural project that is presented as a LIVING MUSEUM OF THE ANDES.

We rescued customs and traditions of the living culture of the Peruvian Andes, specifically about the knowledge of the traditional textiles of Cusco and Peru.

Communities with which we work:

  • Accha Huata
  • Amarú
  • Bombon
  • Cancahua
  • Chimur
  • Maju Pata
  • Parobamba
  • Pitumarca
  • Totora
  • Walla Chakui
  • Kiko (Q'eros)
Get to know Awana Kancha and experience our

Living Museum of the Andes

All your experiences will be part of this wonderful motivation for the care and protection of the South American camelids and the Andean tradition.

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